Members of VCF had a great opportunity to take a break from the strains of lectures and visiting the exhibition to meet up at the VCF stand at BSAVA last month.

Situated on one of the principle routes between the lecture halls and the main exhibition hall, it was a perfect spot for folk to stop off, gather and chat.

 It was also a great opportunity to be a witness to the 6500 delegates attending the congress, showing that VCF exists, what it does and how to find out more about us.

From Wednesday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, folk dropped by for a chat, asked questions and met other people involved with VCF, including in some cases, finding members who live just round the corner from them!!

Various committee members gave up their time to man the stand for varying periods, bringing along cakes and sweets, and sharing the vision for VCF with folk who dropped by.

Saturday night was a lovely opportunity for folk to meet up and chat once lectures had finished. Some then went off to the BSAVA event, others to meet friends and a small group headed out for a meal and time of fellowship together.

Amongst others, David Williams (pictured below left) dropped by and we were able to set in place a VCF CPD day encompassing eyes and evangelism!

 Put the date in your diary and look out for more details of what will be an amazing day that he will be hosting at St Johns College in Cambridge on 18th October 2016.