It was such a blessing to have the opportunity to have a room in which to meet up on the first morning of the London Vet Show this year. More than a dozen folk came along to share coffee and Danish pastries and to get to know one another.
With busy lives, and limited time to get to VCF Conferences and Regional Group meetings, it is great to be able to meet up at the major conferences and we look forward to giving folk the opportunity to meet up at many of them throughout 2017.
Amongst the thousands of visitors at the LVS last year I found space on the floor to eat lunch and got chatting to another floor dweller. It turned out that she was a VCF member but we had never met! How awesome is that! This year, out of the thousands more visitors at the show, I found a seat to perch on and realised the person I was sitting next to again was Michelle!! God connects VCF folk together to chat and meet up in the most amazing ways!!
Ali Budgell