2016 July Update

News from the UK has rather dominated our thoughts over the last couple of weeks. For some light relief we watched an old episode of Yes Prime Minister. If you can’t laugh, you’ll cry; our home country is very much in our prayers.


One of our Twin Otters has been in Australia for several months for a full refurbishment. As with any major project, the engineering team is finding it impossible to give an accurate projection of when it’ll be completed. In the meantime, Michael and the Operations Team need a reasonably accurate date so that flight crew can be rostered, bookings taken and schedules planned. From a human perspective it is an intractable problem for both Engineering and Operations, so it’s a good time to remember who is sovereign over human affairs!

  • There are other issues like this so please pray for wisdom, for the Lord to show the way forward, and for His divine grace to shine in us as we interact with each other.

World prices play a big role in whether it is worth transporting cash crops like coffee or cocoa to market from rural communities. The price paid per kilo has changed little in 10 to 15 years, where aviation costs have risen very considerably. Michael and his colleagues are looking at creative, cost-effective ways to get the crops to market in a way that also covers the flight costs.

  • Please pray that we’ll find ways to help the remote communities. These cash crops are often the only source of income available.

 Nicki is into the swing of preparing for the two Safety Action Group meetings next week (12 & 13 July). The first is for occupational health and safety, the second covers aviation safety. Both are important parts of our safety management system (SMS) for which Nicki is the administrator.

An extra role this week is for her to take minutes for the Leadership Team meeting as the person who normally does this is on holiday.

  • Pray for Nicki as she does all this, and also pray that through the SMS ongoing improvements will be made in the way we work, so that safety is continually improving.

Michael has several flight tests to conduct in the next few weeks before we leave, as well as a lot of management tasks.

  • Please pray for efficiency in working and the ability to do what is important, not just what seems to be urgent.



The unrest following student protests has settled down, though there is still a lot of reference to it on the news and in the papers.

  • Continue to pray for good government and for peace, stability and justice in the country.


The drinking club up the road has stopped its loud music. Occasionally we can hear the sound of loud voices, but the thumping bass beat has not disturbed us for the last three weeks or so.

  • Thank you Lord! Thank you for your prayers!

Nicki’s talk at the women’s day went well. On Sunday 10th we are visiting the church of one of MAF’s drivers where Michael is giving the sermon.

  • Give thanks for the time Nicki had with the ladies. Please pray for Michael as he prepares and gives the sermon.

Our diary for when we are home now looks as follows:

Sunday 14th August:                           10 a.m. St Lawrence, Hungerford

Sunday 21st August:                           10:30 a.m. St. Mary’s, Overton

Wednesday 24th August                                   7:45 p.m. Limes Avenue Baptist Church, Aylesbury

Sunday 28th August                            9:30 a.m. St John’s, Chipping Sodbury

Thursday 1st September:                2:15-3:15 p.m. Fleet Baptist Church Thursday Fellowship,

Sunday 4th September                     10 a.m. St Andrew’s, Woking

Thursday 8th September                                   MAF UK, Folkestone

Sunday 11th September                                    10:30 a.m. Totteridge Baptist Church, High Wycombe

Wednesday 14th September       8 p.m.    St Peter’s, Yateley

We’re on holiday for the first week of August and the last couple of weeks of September before we leave for PNG again on October 7th.

We look forward to catching up with at least some of you while we’re home!

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support,


Michael & Nicki

PS There are photos in the attached .pdf file

Michael & Nicki Duncalfe


Box 273

Mount Hagen

WHP 281

Papua New Guinea