Jan is currently ‘contracted’ as the veterinary and agricultural advisor to Samaritan’s Purse. His job description is to travel to their various field sites and partner organisation countries and help the country directors to expand their projects to include livestock and agricultural projects. They link these with church outreach and development work. Since 2001 he has established projects in Honduras, El Salvador, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Sudan, Angola and Uganda. He has also been involved in the oversight of projects in Jordan, Egypt, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia and Liberia.

Recently Jan has been working in Kenya. This is from his latest prayer letter:

“It was a busy time attending meetings with the United Nations and other organisations trying to help alleviate the suffering of the people who had been displaced due to the post election. We were able to partner with a number of churches who provided land near their compounds for setting up camps, staff to help with the distributions and spiritual counselling to assist those traumatised by the conflict. The team of people that Jan was leading was able to do a nutrition survey in 9 internally displaced camps where there are approximately 40,000 people staying. We have been able to partner with UNICEF to provide food for these people and are monitoring the rates of malnutrition among children, expecting mothers, the elderly and those living with HIV/AIDS.

Jan also flew to one of the islands in Lake Victoria to help an orphanage which has over 300 children. Due to the disturbances in the country, no trucks were able to reach the outlying towns to keep providing food supplies in the shops and so we helped to provide enough food for all the children for several months.

Praise God with us that a political settlement has been reached by the two main parties involved in the conflict. Continue to pray that this will allow the country to stabilise enough for people to get back to living normalised lives.

The week after Easter Flor will be helping to transport two Honduran children who will have received heart operations in the US back to Honduras. Pray that all the paperwork will be worked out for the trip and that the children will continue to live healthy lives when they get back home.

This month we also remember the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that you may know the victory of the risen Christ reigning supreme in your lives in this year.

Serving together with you

Jan and Flor Morrow”