With the arrival of a brand new fourth year out at Leahurst and the return of three members from their far flung intercalation destinations, Emily Dudley (now in 5th year) was all too pleased to hand over the VCU reins.

This year, the interests, talents and enthusiasm of the current VCU fourth years were combined to organise the Leahurst Carol Service, which took place at 6pm on Sunday 9th December 2007.  This event was the first of its kind we believe (although if there’s anyone out there who knows otherwise we’d love to hear about it!).  Christ Church Willaston joyfully opened its doors to us, allowing us to invade, completely taking over their normal Evensong time.  It proved to be a delightful event for the entire vet school, many students and staff and their families came, as well as people from the village.  A choir of students with staff, formed for the event, and ably led and rehearsed by Ed Moss (sometimes ruthlessly- one week we had three rehearsals!) was received with great accolade, especially the renditions of Darke’s “In The Bleak Midwinter” and Willcocks’ arrangement of “Silent Night”.  All facets of the vet school were represented in the readings, with a student, a technician, a clerical staff member, and a retired lecturer doing the readings.  VCU members; Michael Clarkson and Claire Dixon, offered prayers for the university, the vet school, the profession, students, staff and their families and the wider community.

We were not without difficulties, faith was tested and prayers were answered along the way.  Finding a speaker was testing- it wasn’t until the Sunday before the event that the Lord provided us with David Springate of Christchurch, Liverpool.  He delivered a clear message, based on Isaiah 9 v2-7 on just why Jesus’ coming is so worth celebrating.  Blessings, for which we are profoundly thankful, were poured on the event, among them good ladies of Christ Church who organised all refreshments, allowing people to linger after the service for almost as long as the service itself!  Please pray for the people who came and conversations that were had that evening, and that in time they would bear fruit for the Lord. 

Meanwhile the Liverpool VCU continues to meet, not unchallenged by timetable difficulties.  There were requests that the Carol Service would become a tradition- however this baton must be passed on to next year’s fourth years as final year rotations allow no time for such organising!