What does this mean?

The veterinary profession is notorious for being a fast paced, stressful, intense environment to work in and it is easy to become consumed by its demands. Being a Christian in this environment does not automatically mean you are exempt from this, however, it is a real opportunity to show who Christ is to others and be a light for Him in the working environment.

It is vital that we do not lose sight of where our true identity lies – in Jesus Christ.  It is important to see our role as Veterinary Nurses through the lens of who Jesus is, what he has done and what he has called us to do and be. Luke 19:10 “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” We are called to be Christ like and to seek those lost from God in our communities/families and this includes our work colleagues.

Here at Broad Lane Vets, we have the blessed privilege of having fellow Christian colleagues, a grand total of five in fact! This great opportunity has enabled us to support and uphold one another in general Christian living in the work environment, where we spend most of our time. It has also enabled us to do the most powerful thing we can do and that is to pray as a group for those the Lord has put us alongside.

We are in a profession that challenges a lot of what we perceive about truth and the world around us, which enables us to share and discuss with others the truth that we hold dear and how the world around us and our lives can be explained through The Bible. We can share about patience, kindness, compassion towards one another in an environment that is often challenging and stressful, where it is easy to lose sight of treating each other this way. We can show to one another grace and forgiveness that prayerfully could lead to sharing about the grace and forgiveness that each of us can freely have from Jesus. Topics such as medical advancement, euthanasia and the value and truth about life itself are also prominent and provide great Gospel opportunities. These are all underpinned with faithful prayer from us as a group.

As part of our Gospel outreach to colleagues, opening up ours homes for work socials is one way that we can be Christ like, allowing friendships to be built and relationships to strengthen between each other. Jesus’ evangelism has taught us that meeting with others, always happens around food...and this is something we have taken very seriously!

Our jobs are a gift from God. Christian sisters and brothers alongside us are a gift from God. The people that we work alongside are a gift from God. And all these gifts combined enable us to reach out and add to His Kingdom.

Bethany Barnes and Samantha Malone.