I never thought the day would come when I would have RVN at the end of my name. Two great things have happened since I started my training and, if you asked me 6 years ago, I would have not said they were possible. One was that I achieved my qualification and, secondly, I became a Christian.
When I started my training, I was not a Christian and life was hard. I struggled to pass my exams with all the theory work I had to complete and many times I wanted to give up. Every time I got my exam results and the word fail would be there it knocked my confidence down. Then I started to learn about Jesus and the incredible things He had done for me, the pain and suffering He went through for me. As I learnt more about this amazing person, the more I looked at my own life and I decided to put my trust in Him. My worries and anxieties I could give to Jesus and ask for His help.
When my paper 2 came around again for the final attempt, having failed it 4 times already, I knew that I had Jesus there for me, by my side keeping me strong. I said my prayer before the exam and I had people all over the country praying. I finished the exam and a few moments later my tutor told me that I had passed. I felt so much joy and thankfulness to God. I remember just closing my eyes and thanking God so much for keeping me strong and focused on what I needed to do.

After this I managed to pass the rest of my exams with God by my side and I qualified in August 2018. When I got my practical results, I was on Beach Mission and I stood in the room with a close friend and we just thanked God for everything He had done in my life so far. I will always be thankful for God for everything He has done and continues to do.
Since qualifying I have become Deputy Head Nurse of the practice and every day I work for God. Once I had put my trust in Him there was no turning back. I see Him working in people’s lives which is so encouraging to see. When times do get hard, I just remember that He has a plan for me. He has a plan for all of us and we just have to trust that everything He does is for us. I thank God every day for the plan He has set out for me, for putting me where I need to be and to be able to share the incredible Good News of Jesus our Lord and Saviour. I look forward to the future with God by my side guiding me each and every step of the way. Never give up. Trust and He will never leave your side.