CVM is the sister organisation to VCF in the States.  CVM stands for Christian Veterinary Mission.  They are based in Seattle.  Their stated aim is to ‘Challenge, empower and facilitate veterinarians to serve others through their profession, living out their Christian faith’.


There are many CVM vets working in various parts of the world as missionaries.  Vets are desperately needed in most of the developing world.  Many people are totally dependent on their animals for their very existence.


Most VCF members who come into contact with CVM do so as volunteers for ‘Short Term Mission’.  If you go to the CVM website ( you will see there are opportunities available in India (including one in the Indian Himalaya), Pakistan and Mongolia.  In order to be able to offer yourself for one of these trips you need to belong to the CVM volunteer pool (you can apply via the CVM website).  Once on the list you can apply to join any trip.  All you need to do is arrange some funding.


I first came across CVM at an AABP meeting in San Antonio.  I was a fairly new Christian manning a BCVA stand which was situated next to the CVM stand. I was bowled over by the concept of using my professional skills for Christ.  I still am.


I have now had 6 Short Term Mission trips abroad, 3 to Mongolia and 3 to East Africa. I hope to be back in Africa in February.  All the trips have been of immense benefit.  I have been able to share my veterinary skills.  I have experienced different cultures, in a way one never could as a tourist.  I have grown my faith.  I have been given opportunities to share my faith with others, both abroad and on my return to the UK.  I have seen God working, in new and powerful ways. I have had really ‘worthwhile’ holidays.  It is a WIN-WIN situation.  I benefit and the people I go to benefit.


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