The following are the numbers for 2015/16 beside which we have included our budget aspiration for the current financial year (orange) and our prediction for the outturn as things stand (turquoise).


(a)  See ‘Partner With Us’ letter – projected income with membership fees already received and those we know we will receive through previous standing order and other commitments.

(b)  The sums for the income and expenditure for our conferences do not compare directly across from one year to the next as they reflect the differing events – two regional conferences alternating with one national conference.

(c) We are currently in communication with a possible sponsor that would provide funding towards the costs of having a presence at the major veterinary conferences (BSAVA, BEVA, London Vet Show, etc.) but this is not guaranteed.

 (d)  As a committee we feel there would be a great benefit to the fellowship if we were able to increase the secretarial hours from the current 17 to 28 hours per week. This would allow Ali time within her role to provide a pastoral support to members and allow her the opportunity to visit vet schools and regional groups to encourage and inspire them. As things stand this isn’t possible but we will continue to seek this goal.

 (e)  We have an aspiration to financially support our ‘missionary’ members with regular contributions. They do not depend on these as part of their regular support funding from their own mission organisations or other donors but they do allow them to ‘treat’ themselves either within their work or personal lives. In times of financial constraint these gifts are one of the first areas of our expenditure that get cut.

(f)  We have so far in this financial year attended BSAVA and SPVS. We have also committed to having a stand at BVNA, and a breakfast meeting at BCVA. Attendance at further events will depend on finances.

(g)  We like to be able to respond positively to requests from CU groups to help fund a number of their activities, e.g. Carol Service or a period of EMS particularly where that involves a ‘short-term mission’.

(h)  This covers such items as anti-virus software for the VCF computer, telephone charges and various stationery and postage items.

(i)  This covers expenses incurred by our Finance Administrator and the fees charged by our payroll management provider.