At Nottingham, on Wednesday 14th December we held the CU carol concert for students, staff and members of public from the local community. We had a visit recently from Kerry and Jane who spoke about VCF and had an opportunity to meet the freshers which was brilliant and we are hoping to get a group together for the upcoming conference. Although the CU on Sutton Bonnington Campus is small, there is a great sense of community and prayer that we will continue to grow in numbers and faith would be very much appreciated.

The first and second year vets have exams coming up in January so prayer for those would be brilliant. The first years have their first set of exams on the musculoskeletal and lymphoreticular cell biology modules and the second years have exams on the gastrointestinal module. In the new year there will be more events coming up and around Feb/March time there will be an events week followed by nominations and handover to a new CU committee.
Thank you all at VCF very much for your prayers, it is so wonderful to know that you are thinking of us all.