Hi everyone, we are from the University of Nottingham Vet School! As the vet school is on the Sutton Bonington campus, we are involved in a relatively small Christian Union group based there made up of mainly us with nutritionists, agrics and bioscience students as well as the UNCU. Due to the small size of SBCU, we are quite a close-knit CU group and we all attend local churches in Loughborough, Sutton Bonington and Nottingham. Over the past year, it has been encouraging as we have had a lot of Freshers interested in church and CU, so our little group has expanded and we hope it continues to do so. Thankfully, within this new group there has been interest from a few of the Freshers to go up for committee roles, so if we could please ask for prayers when it comes to voting in a new committee and that our CU continues to grow and that we continue to spread the good news about God’s love. If anyone reading this could also pray for all the vet students who are going to be doing exams, especially the fourth and fifth years as they continue to work hard with exams and rotations in order to get their degree.
Thank you for all your support and prayers already. The vet students find it really encouraging to know there is a support network of Christian vets out there to help and offer them encouragement and prayers. We love to hear from everyone at VCF and will hopefully see a few of you in the future!