In April Ali, Vikki and I met up with some of the RVC CU for pizza and a chat. It was great to meet the students and spend time with them, finding out how they are getting on and what we can pray for. We also met a lovely member of their church who has taken the students under his wings. It is good to know they have older Christians to help and support them. It was also fascinating to see how much the Hawkshead Campus has changed since we were there! Leo
After the alumni prayed for the RVC students at the VCF weekend, I was really keen to try to meet up in person. It was lovely to meet the students and get to know them. They may be small in number but are so strong in spirit. Since then we’ve met up again, mainly so they could cuddle my dogs! I’m hoping we can keep in touch and continue to pray for each other. Vikki
It was so lovely to have some VCF support. Vet school is so crazy busy and stressful and it was lovely to just relax and chat with people who understand where we are, not just in our job but spiritually, and the juggling act we are trying to cope with between them.
We are such a small group that is scattered due to rotations and it’s nice to feel supported trying to survive vet school without it becoming an idol, and putting God first when we;re too tired to even eat! Much appreciated. Meg