On a typically British Summer Saturday, one when sunglasses and a waterproof were both needed, 10 people, plus 5 dogs, enjoyed a picnic and walk in the beautiful surroundings of Cannock Chase. Despite torrential rain towards the end of the picnic, we then had a lovely walk in the sunshine, which was a really good chance to catch up with people we already knew, and get to know others better. We managed to stay off ‘vet talk’ enough for the non-vets who had come along to hopefully not be totally put off coming again. But obviously at times we did talk about our work, both the challenges and the joys, and as always when I meet up with VCF folk, I am reminded of what a privilege it is to spend time with people who totally get it. It can sometimes seem difficult to find time in our busy schedules to meet up with each other, but when we do, it is so valuable.

If you would like to meet up with other VCF members in your area, please get in touch with me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.