Richard has now finished his contract with the Hong Kong Veterinary School development - they are now applying for accreditation. Richard is based in mixed practice back in Scotland at the present time.



I am working as part of team to set up a veterinary school in Hong Kong. This job is very varied: perhaps the weirdest is an involvement with whale bones. The whale is in fact a very rare Omura’s whale. I have also been involved in the initiation of a diagnostic laboratory, welfare courses, arranging CPD and whatever else comes up. Recently we have had a new Dean arrive and that hopefully that will stimulate further progress. 

I am also helping out at two Anglican Churches teaching children aged about 11, spoken colloquial English. This is a challenge for teacher and pupils! Bible stores are used quite often and interestingly the last session featured ghosts and spirits, this came by the children’s own questioning. This is a big issue culturally. Western folk are more passive in their interaction with such concepts/ realities. In the orient the tendency is to be more proactive; to keep the spirits from spilling into their own lives, eg worship of ancestors, placating the spirits of the recently dead at their locations, avoiding locations where ghosts are thought to frequent etc etc. The truth of the Lordship of Jesus and ‘none shall pluck them from my hand ‘ is a reality that has to be taught , explained and encouraged to hold on to.
Prayer requests

‘Deliver us from evil’, and “Lead us not into temptation” (plenty here at many diverse levels).
An ability to do good high standard work as part of Christian witness , to relate well with colleagues, to get opportunities to do research and animal welfare work, develop better Mandarin and Cantonese skills and finally maintain a family spread out over continents


Many thanks for your prayers and support,

Aye, Richard